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  1. Lloyd Miller

    John Lennon Rejected Environomentalism

    Recall that John Lennon rejected environmentalism on the David Frost show, implying it is a ruling class conspiracy. Got that one right!
  2. Lloyd Miller

    Harmless Squirting Fetish?

    "Although, in fact, Holden’s “crumby” squirting fetish seems relatively harmless, incest and child abuse are definitely not in the same category." Don't penii squirt like a hose? Isn't it now a staple of pornography?
  3. Lloyd Miller

    ......"and all."

    What in the world is Holden ending every other sentence with . . ."and all" about? Since it is repeated so often, does it have a Masonic meaning? I was assigned to read Catcher in the Rye in High or Jr. High School, but was unable to read it. Just remembered what the teacher said so I could...