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    Weaponizing Sex'n'Drugs'n'Rock&Roll????

    I had to reply to Richard's claim below but could not properly do so on the Science forum in "The Corruption of Science by Modern Philosophy". There are NO instances of successful fascism. Contrary to popular belief the reason for this is that Fascism is a relatively new movement, barely 100...
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    The Corruption of Science by Modern Philosophy

    In Aristotle's cosmology the Earth was static and the sun stars and planets rotated around it once a day. Many of a religious bent thought the sky was black at night due to dark matter obscuring the divine world beyond. As George Orwell wrote in 1948: The return to Aristotelian thinking in the...
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    Dihybrid Origins and SSSM theories

    Greetings all! I came belatedly to your website when I read of Caesar's Messiah on an Amazon ad. in 2014, sending the book to my critical friend Carlos in Sydney (yes, I am a fellow national of Julian Assange). He said that the book was marvellous so I soon obtained it, having at the same time...