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    Part 1, the Futurist Apocalypse is Now

    That was the actual goal: To make the mass public believe that there was a widespread panic. There was no panic, but the masses did buy the story of the story. Watch this:
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    New Book -- Creating Christ

    A few people have said something similar when they first hear about CM: If the Romans created a religion with a Jewish god, wouldn't that be of benefit to Jewish people, if not in the short run, then the in long? It assured the existence of Judaism after a genocide? Postflavians argue that it's...
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    New Book -- Creating Christ

    Doesn't seem like Marcus Aurelius was in the know about it, but that's just guessing right now.
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    New Book -- Creating Christ

    A couple of interesting links here: Did Marcus Aurelius Persecute the Christians? Marcus Aurelius, Stoicism, and Mithraism
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    New Book -- Creating Christ

    Regarding the Nazarenes, is there anything of relevance in the Ancient Spooks series (Covert ops)? The author suggests different types of Nazirs: Actors for life, who fake their own death… picked before birth or after birth… I dunno. Nazarene just sounds kinda like Nazirite. Edit: From wikipedia:
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    From Cleopatra to Christ

    Hey, not sure in which to place these vids, but since this thread is hot at the moment…
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    The Jordan Peterson Biblical Series

    As an aside, Tupper Saussy co-authored James Earl Ray’s biography?! That opens another can of worms.
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    Weaponizing Sex'n'Drugs'n'Rock&Roll????

    Huxley to Leary: "Timothy, you must become the cheerleader of this evolution," Huxley urged Leary. "Your major obstacle in this evolution is the Bible. You are forbidden to eat the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge." The Bible begins with food and drug prohibitions, in other words, and people...
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    The Ministry of Truth, on Orwell and 1984

    Dude, please be aware that Huxley did not fear we would become a trivial culture… he was working to accomplish this for the oligarchs. He was a lead architect of the counter culture revolution. His public put on of "fear" of this happening is just an act. He was a lifetime actor. He and Orwell…...
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    From Chrest to Christ

    That sucks. Who's going to carry on the research? Perhaps @Jerry Russell should guest on MythVision to discuss @Richard Stanley 's work? I think they'd run with it and talk to other guests about it.
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    The Origins of Sufism

    Hey Postflavians check this page: […] "There is another view, however, that traces the pre-Islamic roots of Sufism back through the early Christian mystics of Syria and Egypt, to the Essenes, the ancient Pythagorean orders, and the mystery...
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    Part 1, the Futurist Apocalypse is Now

    Joe was on a roll recently regarding his views on the 3rd Temple. A neat little bit that he pointed out is that on the Sgt Pepper album cover, there are 3 cutouts of Shirley Temple. Shirley, the 3rd Temple will be built! :D
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    OT series takeaways - so far

    A new post on Miles' website with related content: The Wikipedia page on piracy gives you a lot of clues, if you know what to look for. One of the biggest clues are these two sentences, conspicuously stuck right next to each other: The earliest documented instances of piracy are the exploits of...
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    OT series takeaways - so far

    Coincidentally (and a little spooky :D:cool:), 'Gerry' is back with an update on the Phoenicians:
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    OT series takeaways - so far

    Oh cool! Didn't see that. thanks