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  • it is curious to me that in todays world, everything hyped in the MSM needs to be assessed not only for its relative truth, but its theatrical (staged) impact, as for something to make it into the Headlines, is not just a random truth sampling..and theater requires a lot of people to properly how informationally can one look at productions and decide exactly how much staging was involved/ or not?
    sorry to bother you, but could you change my new topic in "religion" to read

    I am still searching for some sort of activism, but maybe searching for now.
    Hi MKSurvivin, thanks for your comments. I especially agree with what you said about the 1950's, that it was not any sort of Utopia.
    anyway, sorry to bother there is a new moon shot to cure cancer..lucky i live in such interesting times ..and wow why not?? Joe Biden is in charge!!
    what still bothers me how can one subtract "background".."noise".to qualify historical judgments...I grew up in the 50's in Texas..and my impression of background..well they killed JFK in broad daylight and WTF? Texas in the 50's and 60's was not lost eden..drugs and alcohol seemed to be an enhanced reality, so to speak.
    is almost like the popular "vision" of the human the defining reality..and control of this logicians are always perplexed.
    i like JA's analysis, and understand jan urban's perspective. I stopped listening to DN 12 years AGO and found alternative media.I kind of liked this blog bc? not that many people cared.but i love to sort out multiple models of a "system"/ compare and contrast/as a method to search for Truth, as always premises inherent in a "model/construct" which filter the "truth" oh well BEST WISHES!!KEEP ON!!! KEEPING ON!!
    please feel free to edit/delete any of my commentaries..I enjoy your podcasts, but of course I am semiretired trying to find the "sense" of it all.even in the 60's the defining role of mainstream media is clear, as there are always actors...just sometimes for no/ few stages. the evolution of MSM , as a thesis ....oh well...maybe this cancer moon shot!!! i just need to find directions???
    maybe my question is , given all past history, how are we going tomake more human societies FUTURE WISE??
    anyway maybe all i wish to suggest..i see CIA involvement. 60's wise ..but can one calibrate?? where is evil, given the state of affairs..cold war it evil that we did not randomize communists?? as we seem to have fUed europe after dub dub two
    i guess this perhaps bugs me, even if the 60's was CIA...was the fifties that much better?? wow what sort of eden did we lose..?? historically, and how can we make/restore a better EDEN future tense wise?? WTF?? so to speak??
    sorry to bother you , but in my life, change does seem to be the only constant, in an otherwise extremely complex system...chemically speaking, extremely stable bonds (diamonds) do not break, yet only when they break can we determine how much energy held them together...
    is not is all relative to say the 50's?? or popular social norms, which may not have been idealic? ie evolutionary-wise, how can one say the "dinosaurs" were that change is part of existence?? not there a "thermodynamic"s of sorts to evolution of social norms??
    i gueaa i AM curious about the question of evolution of societies and social that change seems to be given, aside from relative judgmental pronouncements..what sort of society do we want??to be human beings??..sorry if i am bothering you
    and of course growing up in Texas, extremely rich people love pretending common man tribal if not to be embarressed
    i guess i am always amazed that hypothetically in hunter gather societies, massive accumulation of wealth is discouraged, in that everyone is a member of the same tribe..oh me oh my
    I appreciate you creating an economics I used to believe all sorts of things..but wow $$$$$$ and power.Is that not the new world order?? who are you if you cannot buy media?? peons are the new wage slaves...the massive accumulation of money seems to be the new economics
    funny i am impressed by JA analysis of I never thought religion was "rational" (Unitarianism??)..yet it still begs the question of optimal functional human everyone wants to feel "human"...I am not sure history/timewise when this parameter was I live NOW
    catalysis is a slightly different problem, but that might rely on kinetics, nucleation and the Gods of thermodynamics favoring more "stable" (cultural) states..
    i find criminality in the cultural evolution of the sixties a curious topic. i find causality in complex systems is always a difficult concept, ho ho ho this is short
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