Personal faith means you do what the "spirit" (intuition leads you) about your bad Karma, and everyone does have bad karma. The task is you must push back against mortal sin in order to redeem yourself. If you are doing this, the good spirit of the Logos will help you identify the roadblocks and release you from bad karma little by little. Facing the Truth is a big part of this process. We all face the truth in others but seldom face the truth in ourselves. This is an ego protection mechanism for animal survival. When it full operation it means you are a psychopath. Everyone is on their own individual "path". You cannot save someone else. If you are tricked by an evil spirit it is because your Karma is allowing you to dig a bigger hole for yourself until you "repent". With this modification and understanding you can account for every action and reaction in your life and in the lives of others. If you choose the "quick fix" and enter denial you can get temporary pleasure and satisfaction. If you do the right thing which may not be pleasant you get Karma removed and insight into your possible future. Often a synchronicity will give you authentication. All these principles are in the Bible starting with the Book of Job. The law of reciprocity is contained in this same process. The rules are universal and that is why Eastern Religions are popular. When one seeks comfort it delays the process and this is the sole reason for reincarnation, to extend the process to completion. When one does enough self evaluation and reflection in the Orthodox Tradition one can self-purify himself from the taint of lust and personal sin and become a "Saint". This is the purpose of becoming a monk. Absolute perfection is not the goal and is not desirable because it leads to pride and arrogance. Arrogance is the common affliction of Evangelical Christians. Thoughts are not the worst sin. Actions speak louder than words. This is the one thing Judaism is correct about and that common evangelical Christianity has completely wrong. However it is the only thing Judaism has right because Judaism has no redemption story or forgiveness mechanism to rid itself of guilt. The guilt is real. Christianity has a method and provision to deal with psychological guilt. The idea of animal "sacrifice" is silly both with animals and humans including "Jesus". It however was a primitive teaching tool for mankind when it was in a more primitive state. We are evolving. Since we reincarnate this is not a problem. It will eventually result in the Emergent Deity at the time of the Reconciliation of all things. More than likely there was no Jesus figure in AD 4 Bc. The Jesus of the Bible is a composite of at least three contemporary figures, Flavius Titus, Flavius Josephus and Jesus of Gamala. However this is not a problem. The religion of Christianity would have existed in some format for all the reasons needed to evolve mankind on his evolutionary path of union with God because all the concepts of resurrection were already in existence in Neo-Platonism about 100 years earlier. We should be thankful that Christianity was created because otherwise the militaristic tendencies and anarchic religion of Judaism which is a plague would have continued even more violently and who knows what would have happened! So in a sense there is a guiding Spirit Plato called the Logos which is doing the work of redemption of mankind behind the scenes and all of mankind is being built into a holy temple unto the "Lord" probably becoming that third person of the trinity in a supernatural sense. This is called the theory of the Emergent Deity. P.S. Hebrew is the Sumerian language.


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