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    Rome vs the Jews revolution in the makeing we are still living with!

    Except the Zealouts weren't like white nationalists. The White Nationalist don't have a legitimate grievance: they are are unhappy that white supremacy is being eroded and they are therefore being out-competed by non-white people. Only with racist Jim Crow laws could a skinhead (since skinheads...
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    From Greece to united nations to rule the world

    My belief is that all evil causes have been aimed at universals: the idea that humanity must all be homogonous Whilst certain things help people become survive or thrive (animal domestication, iron mongering, capitalism*) it does not follow that we must all agree on everything and must all be...
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    Collapse of Anasazi Civilization

    Despite this random side track into Jews (who had nothing to do with Native Americans so why are we talking about them here!) I think it's interesting that most Pueblo people reject claims that their ancestors engaged in cannibalism. Also they hate the term Anasazi, just FYI.
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    : The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians Christopher Jon Bjerknes:

    I think this is a misinformation campaign in order to divert hatred onto Jews, away from Muslims who actually committed the Armenian genocide. If you're familiar with Islamic Antisemitism you will realise that projection plays a huge role in it: my antisemitic Muslim acquiantances accuse the...
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    Proposal: new policy on personal attacks

    I think antisemitism cuts across the political spectrum. Antisemites have particular character flaws, that make them susceptible to a broad variety of extremist ideologies, usually dependent on what cultural background they are born to, although some antisemites will seek out ideologies that...
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    Gnostic Media interviews David Asprey: "Bulletproof Coffee: Revisiting Fat and Health"

    I don't know what this has to do with Gnosticism.
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    book; Lincoln and the Jews:

    Not surprising that he was sympathetic to Jewish people.
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    What's the deal about John Bartram?

    John Bartram has disappeared. I tried to find him on Twitter (wanted to reference him) and then discovered he had disappeared off the internet. Weird.