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Talking about Ralph Ellis. Fri. Sept 22


Craig Rice; Anatoly Fomenko; Flat Earth. Sophistry! Fri. Sept. 8


Declining sperm counts; DNA testing services; Fri. Sept. 1


Charlottesville; North Korea. Fri, Aug. 18


Bitcoin, Fri. Aug. 4


Futurism and Christian Zionism, Fri. July 28


Automation, Job Loss and War, Fri. July 21


History of Islam, Fri. July 7


Syria, Iran and Korea Update, Fri. June 30


Walter Duranty and the Holodomor, Fri. June 23


Shirley Temple, Fri. June 16


Myths about Christian Martyrs, Fri. June 9


Moses and Akhenaten, Fri. June 2


Trump’s Three Abrahamic Religions Tour, Fri. May 26


Azure Standard Farm; Culture or Genetics? Fri. May 19


More on Gordon Wasson, Gloria Steinem &  Edomites, Fri. May 12


“Arrival” and Apocalyptic Cycles, Fri. May 5


British Fabian Society, Fri. April 28


Syria and Korea Escalations. Fri. April 14


Attack on Syria; Getting organized. Fri. April 7


Steve Bannon and the Neo-Reactionaries, Fri. March 24


Gloria Steinem and the CIA, Fri. March 17


A Course in Miracles, Fri. March 3


Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg, Fri. Feb. 24


Mithraism and early Christianity: Fri. Feb. 17


Trump-Epstein connections: Fri. Jan. 27, 2017


WaterSportsGate: Fri. Jan. 13, 2017


More on Spirit Cooking and Comet Pizza: Fri., Jan. 6, 2017


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