World control big oil carbon credit $ why and how

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    my friends I repost this video as it is the most important best video I have ever posted here, I believe. And it needs it own title on the wonderful form Jerry has let use use. (Thank you very much jerry)

    We all need to know what the rich that control the world are thinking by what they tell us and then we need to connect the dots they give us. Why? So we can teach others, slow it down and be prepared. For are very survival!!!

    Theysay they don't need us any more, 7 billion people down to 500 million in the world
    50 million in USA 50 million in EU 50 million in Russia 50 million in China 50 million India 50 million South America etc. living in mega smart cities only with all land being for wild life and the very rich. See here my post on Georgia Guidestones;

    Listen to my talk with Joe and Jerry on the stones here, I was the 1st guest to ever be on there show and this is were joes learned 1st about the stones and that the ones saying there are to many people are killing us off.
    Money will be. Cashless energy units Bitcoin like, using your smartphone, you will get $ ever mouth and if you don't use. They disappear, so you can't save up.
    A brave new world like 1984 smart control of ever part of every ones life.
    Slow but sure the wolf in green sheep skin takes down the herd.
    The new world religion is Giai earth based. Masonic like new age. Mother Earth the giver of all life.
    No god no right or wrong no morality just science based technology.

    Why ? So the very rich very old families that control kings popes Religion, banking, armies, police, judges, teachers, and media, can sleep at night and know there families will be safe from any uprising because there are fewer people to control and because so few know who they are. So they will fill safe.
    The killing of jfk 11-22-64, 9-11, Fukushima 3-11-11 shows us what they can do and get away with it.

    What do we do? Help Joe atwill and others who will talk about all this and add there insights.
    Talk to friends and family for future how to be prepared to survive, we my some day have to be cripto truthers .

    Wishing all who reads this well !
    Please take the time to see this very important. There is also a part one you might want to see.
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