What's up with Jay Dyer?

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by Jerry Russell, Dec 30, 2015.

  1. Jerry Russell

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    I see that Gates married into Catholicism, but why do you say Buffett is Catholic? The "official story" is that he was raised Presbyterian but is now agnostic. "Freedom From Religion Foundation" lists him as a poster child.


    The way this was done was to set up a "Charitable" foundation, put the kids on the board of directors, and rely on them to use the foundation to promote family and elite interests broadly construed. Gates and Buffett set up their foundation more or less along these lines, presumably not expecting such a change as Trump is now promulgating.
  2. Jerry Russell

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    Watched the Jay Dyer video. It was pretty embarrassing for Jay, in that he mistook Galton Darwin's birthday (1887) for the date of publication (1952). Dyer repeatedly states that the book foreshadowed works by HG Wells, Bertrand Russell, etc., when actually Galton Darwin was following all that. Other than that, Dyer's rejection of Galton's ideas does seem to be coming from the background of this Catholic concept of "breeding humans like rabbits as an ideal".

    Since this is as much about Dyer as it is about Galton Darwin, I'm moving this to the Jay Dyer thread.
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    What happened to the video Loren posted?

    Hmmm, I stand corrected. I distinctly remember reading that they were raised Catholic. Must double check everything, especially old memories.


    The following also goes to the fact that most Catholic Traditionalist consider typical American Catholics as apostate "cafeteria" Catholics. This stems from simply being in the wider American culture which was always an otherwise paradoxical anathema to the monarchist predilections of Rome. That's the problem of being part of a controlled opposition.
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    It now appears towards the bottom of page 1 (of 2) of this thread.
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    I forgot to reply that Buffett actually placed a huge portion of his wealth in the Gates' foundation, not his own. He said that he thought the Gates were better disposed to deal with the funds.

    I'm still not certain that Bill merely married in Catholicism. Also, the CWR arguments in the article against Melinda ironically reads like legalistic Pharisees.

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