The truth about cancer. They don't want to Cure you.

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    ted talk on Pemf and cancer

    also on cancer and pemf , dr pawluk 25 years on pemf work. the earth has less then in the past

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    gov aProved Pemf for brain cancer;
    The FDA has recently approved an alternating magnetic electrical fields device
    'NovoTTF™-100A' for the treatment of brain cancer to disrupt the rapid cell
    division exhibited by cancer cells and although the Doug Coil Ultrasonic
    Soundwave method is not the same it shares the same basic concept
    using alternating magnetic fields plus uses magnetic sound waves similar to
    the Rife protocol that you can hear and feel.

    NovoTTF-100A System - P100034
    9/6/2013 · What is it? The NovoTTF-100A System treats recurrent glioblastoma multiforme (GBM). The NovoTTF-100A System is a portable battery or power-supply …
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    cook cancer with bio mat wow see how below for real. LH
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    • Turkey Tail Mushroom Extract for Cancer Treatment ...
      ... is a powerful tool in the fight against cancer. ... Turkey Tail Mushroom Extract for Cancer ... a significant cancer treatment. Turkey Tail Mushroom, ...
    dr rima has been on the gnostic media show with jan and joe. she tell it as it is about cancer and population contral as she see it. has ways to bet cancer using natural ways, good stuff. her husband is mag. gen. burt stubblebine the 3 rd us army ret. he was on jans show to. lh

    cut from youtube;
    Published on May 8, 2016
    WHO wants you dead?
    Dr Rima Recommends:
    In this hour and a half podcast Dr Rima talks about the globalist elite, cancer and depopulation. she tells you how cancer forms and what happens next when the dr says you have cancer.
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    so i found thc oil in fiji
    out of the blue i meet a person who had just cured her caner lung stage 4 in 3 mo.
    i getting it from her all my $
    and i thinks its working ya after 6 weeks will see ya !
    will let ya all know how it goes
    hope is real
  7. Jerry Russell

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    Good luck, Loren, with the THC oil treatment!

    Here's an article at Huffpo that gives some caveats. Its suggestion: if there's a proven effective chemo therapy or surgery for your particular cancer, stay with it.

    But if conventional medical science has nothing to offer, I can't see any possible harm in trying the THC oil. There does seem to be some reason to believe that it might work.

    Now, as an adjunct to traditional therapy, I say yes, most definitely add cannabis to your treatment plan. Let it knock out chemo/radiation side effects, ease the mind, bring back smiles, appetites, appreciations and uplifted moods. Pump yourself or loved one full of concentrated cannabis oil (tested and toxin free) and do keep hope that it will slow or stop the gripping disease. Just don’t stop seeing your doctor. Listening to doctors of oncology when life is at stake should be your first and ongoing defense.
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    thanks brother
    i would never do chemo
    never cut it if you can
    look at the stuff i put when you can
    you have 50 50 chance to get it
    better to know more about what to
    do also
    no sugar
    and fruit
    and meat
    if you have cancer
    is what i am doing now
    with oil
    i can drink better now
  9. lorenhough

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  10. lorenhough

    lorenhough Well-Known Member

    Using this now
    Bod becks electric device $100
    had a large tumor on my neck about the size of a lemon for several years. I had trouble turning my head. I began using the Beck units directly on the tumor for several hours a day. My tumor is less than one half the size after 3 weeks and I'll continue to use it until it disappears." GB, California
    See bob site here

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