The Secret Life of Timothy McVeigh

Discussion in 'History' started by Richard Stanley, Nov 10, 2017.

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    Just watched this comprehensive video on McVeigh and the OKC bombing. I had not paid attention to this issue for some time and was surprised by all the additional connections made since then.

    The video makes and supports the claim that TM was sheep-dipped from the military and into a domestic special ops group. This is much like claimed for Lee Harvey Oswald. His mission was to infiltrate military patriot groups, and in the case of OKC bombing, that the event was intended to discredit them, as had been the intent behind prior events at Ruby Ridge and Waco, which had backfired though.

    Discussed was an FBI counterintelligence operation called PATCON, where the mission was to infiltrate and incite the groups to violence, and that TM was part of this.

    As a Twofer Bonus the claim is made that many papers from the Clinton Whitewater investigation were held at the Murrah building, and a crew was sent in to remove fie cabinets before even the wounded had been removed.

    Discussed legislation authored by Joe Biden that was going nowhere before the bombing, but soon passed afterwards, and became the foundation for Bush's Patriot Act. From PATCON to Patriot Act.

    Finally, it supports my claim that TM was not really executed, like some claim about the cruci-fiction.

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    Chris emery on thkelly67
    More then on bomb !
    He stayed at the dream land hotel near were I grew up in ks
    I have friends who saw truck at lake near by and my gun dealer sold mc v a gun , in ks !

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