Shakespeare's Typology & Oligarchy

Discussion in 'Shakespeare's Tempest' started by lorenhough, Feb 18, 2015.

  1. Richard Stanley

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    I forgot to add in relation to Bavaria, that Donald Trump's grandfather, Friedrich, was originally from Bavaria, and of course, liddle Adolph, got his start in Bavaria (Munich) albeit he sprouted up in Austria. There also seems to be some contention over the name Drumpf versus Trump as being the original, or perhaps this is resolved by finding the correct point in time. Bavarian documents in one production show the name Trump for Friedrich?

    Loren, would you mind editing the title of this thread to correct the spelling of the bard's name and correcting 'typology'?
  2. Jerry Russell

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    I don't think Loren has the tools to change the thread title, but I do.

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