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Discussion in 'Any podcast' started by Jerry Russell, Nov 4, 2017.

  1. Jerry Russell

    Jerry Russell Administrator Staff Member

    Joe and I have agreed that we're going to be winding down this series of podcasts after the next several episodes. We feel it's been a productive effort, and we're glad to have a body of work that will remain accessible on the website. But I'm hoping in the future, to be more focused on providing textual content.

    If we do more audio or video projects in the future, I'd like to focus on achieving a higher production quality.

    Joe was busy last week, and not feeling well this week, so there was no new podcast last week or this week.

    Next week, if all goes well, we're hoping to talk about the JFK assassination.

    By popular demand (that is, my wife Janet who is my best fan) I'd like to bring back Ralph Ellis for one more show, to talk about Izates (Jesus) Manu, and about the Arthurian legends.

    If there are any other topics that anyone would like to suggest for us to cover during our last few podcasts, please do let us know!!
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  2. jameslaroche

    jameslaroche New Member

    I am very intrigued by Ralph Ellis' analysis.and look forward to your next interview with him.

    I hope Joe feels better soon.

    For other podcast topics I vote for coverage of the Sabbah's work. I see from Postflaviana Forum posts that there has been a lengthy exchange between Jerry and Rick about their book. I'm in the middle of reading
    Secrets of the Exodus: Are the Pharaohs of Egypt the Patriarchs in the Old Testament?
    by Roger Sabbah, Lois Banta (Translator), Art Banta (Translator)
    Available online at

    I hope Joe has at least skimmed through it.

    Are there typologies from Egyptian sacred texts in the Old Testament?
  3. Richard Stanley

    Richard Stanley Administrator

    Yes, there are, albeit one will get plenty of pushback from the apologists.

    As we've mentioned recently, Psalms 104 is clearly the Hymn of the Great Aten. The 10 Commandments seem clearly partially cribbed from the Egyptian Book of the Dead. BTW, the 10 Commandments appear to be among the few cultural aspects that were not inverted by the 613 Mosaic Laws. Laws, that before which made the so-called (common, non-Levitical) Hebrews nothing more than typical pagans of the day. As I assert, mostly typical Canaanites. The 10 Commands, of course, needed to stay pretty much as before, as what kind of society can long permit murder and theft, etc.? But, the others were inverted by fiat so as to create a distinctive dialectic society, for a distinct mass psychological and political purpose. This is the basis of the so-called Suffering Servant motif found in Isaiah and inherited by Jesus.

    The Jewish apocalyptic texts accredited to the last centuries before Christ also seem to be drawn from much earlier Egyptian and Mesopotamian sources. BTW, I'm starting to examine some claims for an 'apocalyptic' change of 'age' occurring in the year 2160 BCE. This date is oddly the exact period ascribed for one complete zodiacal age to the artificial date of the Christian age's beginning (there is no year Zero BTW). And ... archaeologists such as Eric Cline (1177 BCE, the Collapse of the Late Bronze Age) use this general time which can be seen as yet another millennial age boundary (as I have also done for 1066 / 1070 CE as regards the Norman 'Domesday' Conquest -- these last dates a perfect 1,000 years past the similar Jewish War events -- and linked to the Jerusalem Temple by the same Normans and Templars).

    The story of Queen Sheba seems to have been derived from the now famous trip of Queen Hatshepsut (again, 18th Dynasty) to Punt, described in great detail on her temple walls. Similarly, the OT attributes unbelievable wealth, as well as women, to King Solomon, of which there should be great archaeological evidence remaining, but of which there is none. The land attributed to him (from the Euphrates to the Nile), at the time, can only be properly attributed to one historical pharaoh.

    Moses has characteristics derived from the God Thoth, albeit his being floated in the river seems cribbed from the story of Sargon. The first Persian emperor, Cyrus also had this baby legend, and thus depending on when one ascribes the dating of the Moses narrative, it might have been concurrent, or near so, with Cyrus' legend. Cyrus, of course, is accredited in the OT with being the first Jewish messiah. Odd, since 'messiah' really only means properly 'annointed' with sacred oil to facilitate becoming either a high priest or a king, or both (as claimed for such as Jesus.

    To digress:
    BTW, the Catholic Church accounts Jesus as having been a high priest, keeping his ephod (seamless robe unique to a Jewish high priest) in the cathedral at Trier (the favorite capitol city of Constantine. Fritz von Papen, who helped facilitate Hitler's election in 1933 (and negotiate the Nazi/Papal Concordance) attended Trier Cathedral that year to celebrate Hitler's ascension to power, where the robe was put on display. After the war, in 1959, the robe was put on display for the last time to date, where von Papen was again in attendance, this time as the Pope's chamberlain.
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  4. Richard Stanley

    Richard Stanley Administrator

    Here's an interesting video, discussed from a Sitchen perspective. It talks about the so-called Shemsu Hor (an apparently late term, meaning: Followers of Horus). It discusses a text from the Edfu Temple, where Ellis gets his website and publishing name from. The text tells the story of the battle between Set/Seth and his nephew Horus, and I think might also be the inspiration for the later creation of Jerry and I call the underlying False Dialectic of Western Civilization. And appearing to be managed sub rosa by a society frequently employing the so-called Eye of Horus, really another solar allusion. In reality, there are two eyes, and I wonder if the other is really the Eye of Set? Set, is in reality, the origin of the Jewish Satan, also adopted by Christianity.

    The Book of Revelation which plays Satan off against Christ also discusses alternating millenniums, reigned over by Satan and Christ respectively. As Revelation 4(?) also mentions 24 elders that are seated in a circle around God (the Sun), then these 24 entities represent a clear allusion to the zodiacal Great Year, albeit truncated or rounded down for better mathematical appearance sake (perhaps?). Horus represents the light of day and Set the opposite, darkness. This can also demonstrate the Judeo-Christian confusion over the name Lucifer as well. Lucifer alludes to light and illumination, supposedly good.

    Of course, I have discussed the Jesuit affinity for Lucifer, and their LUCIFER telescope in Arizona, where they claim to observe UFOs and such in our solar system, and the Church is openly discussing that the next (Futurist) savior might well be an alien. The Church seems to be Sitchenists. Heaven help us.
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  5. Richard Stanley

    Richard Stanley Administrator

    Here is a nice discussion of the so-called Shemsu-Hor: http://www.ancientpages.com/2017/05...acred-knowledge-in-predynastic-ancient-egypt/

    In it, it discusses the now covered (by a Cairo suburb) sacred city of Heliopolis, aka On; the former meaning 'city of the Sun', and the latter meaning 'Sun'.

    The OT (or is it rather Josephus?) has a story about a conflict between various Jewish priesthood factions, and the losing side moving to, of all places, the Egyptian city of On, and building a competing temple there (a big deal indeed). Similarly, the eventual successor to Solomon must temporarily go into exile under the protection of the Pharaoh du jour before the political situation can be stabilized (the northern 'Israelites' hated the Judeans), and later also the child Jesus and his parents had to go into temporary exile to Egypt, and by some traditions to Heliopolis (where he became initiated into the Egyptian esoteric traditions).

    The solar name On can also be seen (in a non-Sitchin light) as a solar reference related to the Sumerian Anu, their heavenly father god - and thus also equivalent to the Canaanite heavenly father god, El. All representing the Sun with lesser heavenly bodies of the planets and the constellations arrayed around them as the children gods and goddesses.

    The older Egyptian also had the solar god, Ra, who became subsumed or conflated together with Amun, as in Amun-Ra. I suggest this was a similar theological/political motivated process as the later conflation of the Canaanite El with the lower YHWH, as supported by the fact that 'Elohim' is clearly a Semitic plural reference to 'gods', not a mere alternative rendering of one god. And of course, the Aton was the Amarna effort to present a one god, as a clear solar aspect.
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  6. Jerry Russell

    Jerry Russell Administrator Staff Member

    Another update: Joe has enlisted Steve Outrim to be his co-host for future podcasts. So he'll be continuing without me for the foreseeable future. This coming Friday will be our last show with myself as the co-host.
  7. lorenhough

    lorenhough Well-Known Member

    Good news! Steve will add good insights we have not thought of ..

    Thanks jerry for all you have done to help Joe
    I have in joyed your work on podcast.

    Joe also does podcasts with thkelly67 on you tube every week
    My favorite podcast now days
    Tim is a great info teacher and with Joe wow !!
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  8. jameslaroche

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    Jerry, great show today 11-10-2017 at Revolution Radio. It was good to hear your vision of what the Postflaviana Forum might evolve toward.

    Under which forum category would a person post their ideas in support of your goal - or will there be a new separate category added?

    Looking forward to seeing how things develop here now that your main focus will be the forum as you have more time since relinquishing regular podcast appearances and concomitant attention to show preparation.
  9. Jerry Russell

    Jerry Russell Administrator Staff Member

    For now, this is as good a place as any. It seems to me that the existing categories aren't working: no one ever has any clarity about where to post anything. I think it would make more sense for categories to be related to specific historical topics, or specific entities (nations, secret societies, and so forth.)
  10. Jerry Russell

    Jerry Russell Administrator Staff Member

  11. Richard Stanley

    Richard Stanley Administrator

    Interesting show.

    I pretty much agree that we all need to find a better way to collaborate with other researchers, however, as you mentioned Jerry, it is hard when so many others have strong a priori biases that follow along the long established bread crumbs intentionally left for them to find blame with. Isn't this a false flag in its own right? That this false flag has been there for such a long time, with its absurd and sardonic foundational narrative to boot, seems like it should be screaming at everyone to examine it more closely, But most everyone wants to 'believe' for various reasons. As you suggested, it is more comfortable, for cultural and other reasons, to accept with a certain baseline of assumptions. However, beyond being "more comfortable", it takes a lot more work to dig ever deeper and make coherent connections further in the past, and/or to link them to the present. And, it becomes ever more frightening and daunting at the actual possible implications for us all.

    Our institutions have even formed a new 'culture' for us, presently called Postmodernism, that highly discourages us from making historical linkages beyond a few generations at a time. Cui bono? Yet there is one institution that historically persists, i.e. Judaism, and neoJudaism. The latter being better known as Christianity, and we can throw Islam in the pot as well.

    It is through the very esoteric symbology (and cryptic language) of the Roman Church, at least, that one can demonstrate connections from it to much more, including layers of Western secret societies. The overt text and subtext of which, and the demonstrable results, are clearly (G)lobalist in nature. I remember growing up with the propaganda that Christian USA was not imperialist (aka Globalist) in nature, because, in rhetoric it is not. That's what rhetoric does, and the difference between reality, when ever sine the Spanish American War we've been steadily expanding our quiet military influence. Now needing over 1,000 foreign military installations worldwide to "protect ourselves". Which means doing right be American and other Western businesses and their powerful stockholders, who buy our politicians.

    The current uproar regarding the Futurist End Times is simply the expected replay of the prior script that worked well 2,000 years ago. "If it ain't broke don't fix it." Yet, pedants claim that all this is some new innovation being forced down everyone's throats, ironically by the same evil players that tried to fight off the Roman Globalists. In some senses, the script gets flipped, but the Jews always get to be the scapegoats. That's their assigned job in the well oiled system.

    I take strong exception to Marilyn Monroe regarding her unfortunate relationship to JFK, and you didn't even mention RFK. As well, considering Joseph Kennedy's strong affinity for the Nazi's, parallel to the Hanover / Windsor royals (that he was ambassador to), I would not discount the story about JFK and his alleged Nazi girlfriend. I also think Mathis and McCloskey have done a strong job in disputing the photo evidence of both the JFK and RFK assassinations.

    If JFK was a messiah of sorts (I say yes), the name Marilyn is interesting typology. Marilyn met JFK way back in the late 40's when Joseph owned RKO. They also saw each other at the Democratic Convention in Los Angeles. There is circumstantial evidence that she had a love child by him.

    Given 9/11, its also incidentally curious that JFK's older brother supposedly died flying in a bomber rigged for remote control operation. Maybe, in those days one needed a pilot to do the take-off, then jump out with a parachute?

    And, the real significance of the political change from the two assassinations (plus MLK) was the massive obliteration of mainline Protestantism from its total historical dominance of the USA, from the beginning. This was noted a WASP nation for a reason, now they have pretty much vanished altogether, with only the fake Protestants, the Evangelicals and Pentecostals (the Low Church 'Protestants') providing cover to the ignorant. Until the ecumenical movement postWWII, via Billy Graham, evangelical and Pentecostals were told by their ministers to stay out of worldly affairs. But now that the End Times clock has started, consistent with ecumenicism's political ramifications, they insist on their right to Zealot nationalism. Be careful what one asks for.
  12. lorenhough

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  13. Richard Stanley

    Richard Stanley Administrator

    After writing the above yesterday I realized that this contemporary conflation in the minds of most regarding High Church and Low Church Protestantism is a good analogue for the conflation process described by Valliant and Fahy et al. regarding the conflation of the radical 'Jewish' Christiani / Nazoreans with the later docile Christians under Rome's covert control.


    In the process described for Roman times, the Palestinian radicalized Jews were the 'Nazoreans' (and Zealots, Sicarii) and the allied radical diaspora Jews were the so-called 'Christiani' (because most of these only spoke Greek). As archaeologist John Bartram has it, the Flavians had a secret cult called the Chrestians, whose symbol was the dolphin (king of the fishes) and anchor, as witnessed by epigraphs and coins. Before the cross became the ubiquitous icon of Christianity, the fish and anchor was the ubiquitous icon of Christianity (for centuries till Constantine). And of course Nero is said to have burnt followers of Chrest as lamps for his courtyard. But did he really?

    The Romans motivation was to destroy the violent Jewish nationalism (ironically not Jewish globalism), that is, the War on Terror du jour. And thus, the end up, not overnight, replacing one form of Christian with another. Magic.

    This is what Rome accomplished 2,000 years later. This time they accomplished it via Vatican II intermarriages, Vietnam, and cultural degradation, and blaming the latter all on their waving red flag, the Jews. After the 3 assassinations it was no longer politic for WASP Protestants of any variety to denigrate Catholics and such, and thus keep them from garnering a national political foothold.

    In addition to the above actions by the Catholics, Evangelical and Pentecostal individuals quietly invaded High Church denominational churches in a surreptitious process called Entryism, and thus slowly forced evangelical beliefs into these congregations. (I witnessed this happen in the early 1970's).

    And just before all this religious ecumenicism started in the 1950's, Pope John XXIII tells the Jews that he is their Joseph. Hmmm. Nothing new really, he and his predecessors always were, when Rome (and Josephus) forced rabbinic Judism to replace Temple Judaism.

    As I have related elsewhere, it was the Catholic Church that got the USA into the Vietnam conflict, via Cardinal Spellman (Spelly's War) and talking up the Second Prophecy of Fatima (first used to encourage Catholics to support Hitler's efforts against the godless Soviet Union) in Vietnam to the politically controlling Catholic Vietnamese.

    The result today is a the watered down mystical monkey brands of Christian fundamentalism that Rome can live with going forward, albeit the High Church Protestant schisms were all contrived to begin with. Now unneeded and potential problems. The remaining High Church denominational churches are all filled with white hair, at best. Many rent out their chapels or halls to other churches, or just sell their churches outright.

    And nobody knows the difference.
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  14. lorenhough

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    Jerry are going to be posting joes podcasts with Steve etc. ?? If not here where ? would we find them? thanks
  15. Jerry Russell

    Jerry Russell Administrator Staff Member

    They'll certainly be available at the Revolution Radio archive. Hawk asks for $5 per month for access to all the shows by all the hosts on his station, www.freedomslips.com.

    I don't have any plans to post them here. I'm not sure if Joe has plans to post anywhere else. If I find out anything, I'll let you know.

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