Just Saying Who's Trumping der Fuhrer?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Richard Stanley, Jan 5, 2016.

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    Discussed occasionally on this thread is the apparent likelihood that our current President is 'acting' a role, as noted by that he has displayed more 'normal' human behaviors in his earlier life, albeit that he seems to naturally be a narcissist and egotist, to say the least. Of course, we could have been seeing him 'acting' then and now are seeing the real crazy Trump on display.

    The YouTube popped up a video (click on the link) of an introductory psychology lecture on Game Theory reciprocity and it mentioned an interesting paper by the famous Daniel Ellsberg, that I thought the title, at least, was evocative of Trump's behavior. Interestingly, Trump has been noted as being very transactional in most aspects of his life, and yet he frequently seems to be too nice to some players, .... for some reason. Or, as the lecture discusses near its end, that there can be multiple games going on at the same time, and we are not privy to them all, and where the respective rewards and costs bleed from one game to another. Of course, that said, we believe that most all American Presidents have been employed in doing so, just not on such a seemingly crazy basis.
    At just before 24 minutes is discussed a somewhat inverted reciprocal strategy, based on the advantages of being perceived as being 'crazy'. Here, with the difference between 'perception' and otherwise real 'cheating' so to speak. Mentioned here is the famous Daniel Ellsberg and his Pentagon Papers affair regarding his Vietnam War disclosure. Ellsberg was a Game Theorist for the Pentagon, where he had earlier come up with a Game Theory paper titled "The Optimal Benefits of Perceived Madness".
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    Mike Pence just announced that Trump is actively considering "when and how" (not 'if') to move the embassy. Of course, neither Trump or Pence are too reliable in the truth department.

    "As we speak, President Donald Trump is actively considering when and how to move the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem," Pence said.
    read more: https://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/1.825492
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    Shortly after 7 minutes in the interviewed psychiatrist suggests that Trump's mental state may indeed cause him to "dissolve the constitution", thus making himself a dictator. This theme about his mental state has been a constant theme on the MSM after Trump's insane Tweets this morning.

    But, again, is this all real -- or staged -- including Trump being a Lifetime Actor?

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    I don't remember if the linked video mentioned that Trump stated in his The Art of the Deal book that his grandfather had come from Sweden or not. I recently saw this mentioned that he had stated this, yet his grandfather clearly was from Bavaria. Trump admitted so when confronted about this, saying that he stated Sweden because it might create problems for him to have admitted in the book that Freidrich was indeed from Catholic and Nazi Bavaria, albeit Nazi after Freidrich's time there. Hmmm, why would this be so? Maybe this might be a problem for those who had thought Donald's KKK father must really a Protestant, since Catholics were verbotten in the KKK.
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    For more developing from the above. The red highlighted text below confirms the Haaretz piece.

    President Donald Trump is considering recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, a highly charged declaration that risks inflaming tensions across the Middle East, officials said Thursday. The announcement would be a way to offset a likely decision delaying his campaign promise to move the U.S. Embassy to the holy city from Tel Aviv.

    Trump’s announcement is expected next week and follows months of internal deliberations that grew particularly intense in recent days, according to officials familiar with the talks. They described the president as intent on fulfilling his pledge to move the embassy but also mindful that doing so could set back his aim of forging a long-elusive peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians, who claim part of Jerusalem as the capital of an eventual state.

    The officials, who weren’t authorized to publicly discuss the matter and spoke on condition of anonymity, said the outlines of Trump’s plan emerged from a meeting of his top national security advisers at the White House on Monday. Trump himself was expected to drop by the meeting for 15 or 20 minutes. He ended up staying for at least an hour and grew increasingly animated during the session, according to two officials briefed on what happened.

    Trump is likely to issue a waiver on moving the embassy by Monday, officials said, though they cautioned that the president could always decide otherwise.

    The White House also is considering a possible presidential speech or statement on Jerusalem by Wednesday, according to the officials and an outside administration adviser. Another possibility involves Vice President Mike Pence, who is set to travel to Israel in mid-December, making the Jerusalem announcement during his trip, one official said. Pence said Tuesday that Trump is “actively considering when and how” to move the embassy. ...

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    Ho hum, Flynn has plead guilty. He has been charged in a manner that the WH is spinning to say has no reflection on them or Trump, but the excerpted article below discusses what is more likely happening. That said, we have the big question of what Mueller is really up to considering his 9/11 role. This can still go either way (dump or continue the madness), and usually these people have contingency plans.

    Seemingly weird bedmates are being made, for instance, I understand that Keith Olberman is talking up President Pence. Oh boy! This after Olberman has been elevating Bush 43 in light of 45.

    The fact that the lies concern Russia makes it politically harder for Trump to fire Mueller or to pardon Flynn than if the charge had involved Flynn's other legal woes over his unreported lobbying for Turkey.

    Prosecutors could’ve chosen any criminal act on Flynn’s part for his initial plea. In negotiations with someone who has been caught committing felonies, federal prosecutors have most of the power. The point of the guilty plea is to put Flynn on the hook and require him to continue to cooperate going forward. Now that he’s admitting to a crime, they can seek a harsher penalty if he doesn’t cooperate and a lesser one if he does. What’s more, if the prosecutors want to add more charges later, they can.

    All this means that the Mueller team chose the specific charge. And that it fits into the narrative his team is creating. And because Trump has let it be known that he is considering firing the special counsel, Mueller must do more than simply prosecute if he doesn’t want to be fired. He must shape public perception of his investigation to reduce the probability -- by suggesting that his firing would itself be an act of obstruction of justice by the president.

    Flynn’s two lies to the Federal Bureau of Investigation that are listed in the single criminal count are revelatory. They both involve lies told on Jan. 24, 2017, four days after Trump was inaugurated and Flynn took office as national security adviser. And they both involve conversations with the Russian ambassador that took place in late December, during the transition.

    The charges are framed in the negative, which is to say in terms of the lies Flynn told. To infer what actually happened at the meetings, you have to flip the statements to the positive. ...

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    As most readers of Postflaviana know, or should know, by now, that the political world is cynically, generally divided into two false poles - taking advantage of peoples' general biases and their nature to "take sides" for better, worse, or 'no good' reasons.

    Today, perhaps the biggest political divide is over the true nature of our current leader, and thus he becomes the major fulcrum for accepting him - or rejecting him. This is either a 'summary' process or on a selective, cherry- picking basis, but I have 27 forum pages on this thread on why I reject him. The same goes for the Clintons, the Bushes, Obama, Reagan, Carter, ...

    And, that said, perhaps the central dialectic focus on Trump depravity today is the 'Russia' matter, which many in the various peoples' camp figure that the Russia matters must also be some sort of Fake News, as Trump says. And so ... we can safely ignore this ... because some in the peoples' camp assure us that Putin et al. are really great guys. They even say so themselves, and are even piously getting ready for the End Times apocalypse, to fight the Great Satan and his Beasts, those running decadent and 'feminized' America. As my link discusses, this is common ground for America's evangelicals, and unstated there, it is also common ground for such as radical Shiite Muslims. Strange bedfellows, indeed.

    And, so to get to the heart of the 'Russia' matter, and why it is more than a blip, or more that Michael Flynn himself is more that a blip, the following is a rather to-the-point presentation by Rachel Maddow, who of course, is a gatekeeper of the Left. Whether the Flynn affair is a psyop or not, this presentation gets to the heart of the matter. It is substantial either way. I consider the entire Trump / Clinton / ..... affair as a psyop, so likely Flynn and Son are all part of the fakery, albeit it is possible that Flynn's basic douche-bag nature was taken advantage of (the same possible for Trump).

    To summarize Maddows' presentation: the big problem with Flynn is that when Flynn was running the DIA for Obama, they released a paper circulated to other agencies warning that anti-malware software by Russia's Kaspersky Labs had spyware in it. This software was being run on sensitive government computer systems, and oddly for a long time after. Flynn was fired by Obama, supposedly for being a poor manager - as a general (pun intended) douche-bag and other reasons, and the very first thing he did upon becoming a private citizen was take Kaspersky Labs on as a client. Then other Russian clients and the Turkish business where he is said to have wanted to take $15 million to kidnap a Turkish radical living in the USA.

    Flynn likely could have skated on the business of talking to the Russians about sanctions, but instead he chose to lie, and it seems clear that this all leads at least to Kushner and likely to Trump, as evidenced by timely Trump tweets on the matter. And this explains Trump's odd treatment of Flynn after Flynn had to leave the WH.

    Since Maddow is indeed a gatekeeper, and that such as she is talking in this fashion about the subject, then it appears that we are indeed heading for a 'crisis', constitutional or not. Trump is in very precarious position, if this is the real vector we are heading in, and as I've posited before, this will mean the only way out for him is to dissolve the Republic. As many other media reports have discussed, Trump has openly displayed great admiration for today's strongmen, e.g. Putin, Xi, Dutarte, etc.. The right's alt-media has his alt-right base primed for a new Kristallnacht against the Deep State, unaware that Trump is really a member of it as well.

    As Maddow finishs, she says: "Buckle Up." ... No shit!!

    As remote President Bannon knows, this is how "The Art of War" works.

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    Trump's 'Access Hollywood' tape is back in the news again. This is the tape in which Trump said: “When you’re a star ... you can do anything ... grab them by the pussy.” At the time, Trump admitted that he had engaged in this "locker room" discussion. But now, the New York Times says that Trump has been questioning the tape's authenticity.

    This, presumably, because so many other prominent figures have been recently tried & convicted for similar offenses in the media. Or, in some cases, witch-hunted and pilloried based on nothing that you could really call 'evidence' at all, as seems to be the case with Geoffrey Rush and Garrison Keillor.

    Trump's Republican base is being asked to give their votes and support to Roy Moore, even though he has been credibly accused of multiple incidents of sexual assault involving very young women. Trump himself was elected in spite of the well-known case against him. It is hard to believe that conservative Christians are excited to endorse such "culturally destructive" behavior. But perhaps this is no harder to understand, than Democrats who remain enthusiastic about Obama and Clinton, in spite of drone warfare and pandering to bankers.
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    It's been all over the news besides the NYT. If I remember this denial was from more "Twitter Litter". Trump just came out with another tweet that appeared to place him in some legal jeopardy, then his lawyer quickly announced that he it was himself who wrote the Trump tweet, and not Trump. A seemingly rather incompetent, but loyal lawyer I guess. I'm also guessing that this tack was taken rather than Trump having to reverse himself yet again, though he has great experience at doing so. I wonder how many times he's done this in his Presidency? He's told something like 5 official lies per day.

    Yes indeed. Apparently there are a few, at least, Trumpistas that are starting to figure out they are getting screwed in this tax reform bill, especially after Gary Cohn (from Goldman Sachs) sits in front of a crowd of businessmen asked if they would create any jobs with the 3 trillions of dollars they'd be able to repatriate. Almost none raised their hands. That's what happened when W did the same thing. All the money goes to stock buybacks and such.

    Less than 1 minute in.

    Speaking of trillions of dollars, I've been watching 9/11 videos lately and the mention of the missing $2.3 trillion comes up a lot. I was shocked to see that this figure has grown to over $13 trillion since 9/11, .... because the Pentagon has kept the same accounting practices. But where are they getting the money to create these slush funds? Congress is supposed to allocate their money. Donald Rumsfeld announced the missing 2.3 trillion the day before 9/11, and is all this just part of the psyop, all fake? To destroy public confidence. Trump and the big spending Republicans are officially giving the Pentagon another $50 billion, but this sum is Trump change compared to 13 trillion.

    The big tax cut seems guaranteed to put big pressure on big cuts to Social Security, Medicare and such. I know a Trumpista that just started his Medicare and he absolutely loves it.

    But maybe WWIII will make all such thinking moot?
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    With Flynn we are far into the Intelligence Hall of Mirrors. The following interview with retired General Mccaffrey discusses his and another retired general's pop psychological theories (cover stories?) on why Flynn turned all Benedict Arnoldy. This after having been "so effective" in fighting the intel battle in the EWOT, which, as we all should know is a huge psyop. A psyop where the West is covertly supporting the Sunnis and the psuedo-Sunnis (ISIS) as their proxies and the Russians are supporting the Shiites as their proxies. And Trump is merely continuing the charade of Obama and Hillary and McCain, .... while pretending to be crazy.

    As such, maybe we need to rethink 'Benedict Arnold', in light of Tupper Saussey's history lessons.

    6 minute video:
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    MSNBC is reporting that Trump is approving the moving of the US embassy to Jerusalem. This will certainly create massive violence, which I am guessing will be the pretext for radical Zionist Israelis to build the scripted (second) Third Temple, after finally vanquishing the Muslims from the Temple Mount.

    In the very next MSNBC clip, Republican strategist, Rick Tyler, says that one year ago, that Republicans made a deal with the Devil. Just a casual metaphor, or is this per the unfolding apocalyptic script, whether Tyler wittingly understood what he was alluding to or not?

    See the middle of the 6 minute clip:
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    God's Apocalyptic Plan For Mike Pence.

    If Donald Trump is the Beast of the Sea, as I claim, is Mike Pence the Beast of the Land? Both necessary false (Fake News) messiahs of the Revelation script. Trump even (falsely) asserts that he invented Fake News.


    When the time comes, Pence takes the stage and greets the crowd with a booming “Hellooooo, Indiana!” He says he has “just hung up the phone” with Donald Trump and that the president asked him to “say hello.” He delivers this message with a slight chuckle that has a certain, almost subversive quality to it. Watch Pence give enough speeches, and you’ll notice that this often happens when he’s in front of a friendly crowd. He’ll be witnessing to evangelicals at a mega-church, or addressing conservative supporters at a rally, and when the moment comes for him to pass along the president’s well-wishes, the words are invariably accompanied by an amused little chuckle that prompts knowing laughter from the attendees. It’s almost as if, in that brief, barely perceptible moment, Pence is sending a message to those with ears to hear—that he recognizes the absurdity of his situation; that he knows just what sort of man he’s working for; that while things may look bad now, there is a grand purpose at work here, a plan that will manifest itself in due time. Let not your hearts be troubled, he seems to be saying. I’ve got this.

    And then, all at once, Pence is back on message. In his folksy Midwestern drawl, he recites Republican aphorisms about “job creators” and regulatory “red tape,” and heralds the many supposed triumphs of Trump’s young presidency. As he nears the end of his remarks, his happy-warrior buoyancy gives way to a more sober cadence. “We’ve come to a pivotal moment in the life of this country,” Pence soulfully intones. “It’s a good time to pray for America.” His voice rising in righteous fervor, the vice president promises an opening of the heavens. “If His people who are called by His name will humble themselves and pray,” he proclaims, “He’ll hear from heaven, and He’ll heal this land!” ...

    Also see the author of the above interviewed: http://www.msnbc.com/morning-joe/wa...-access-hollywood-tape-atlantic-1109780547527

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    Retired Admiral Stavridis furthers the Benedict Arnold cover story for his former "best intel officer ever - gone bad" narrative. Flynn was "seduced" by Trump, and at 4 minutes in it is explained that Flynn (from his years of intel study) was attracted to Russia as like with a scene from The Lord of the Rings. Incredible.
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    The Roman emperors never closed the Senate, right? I would expect the formal institutions to continue as before, even if eviscerated from any real power. The indictments and impeachment threats are just for show. Or if Trump gets replaced by Pence, what's the difference?

    No matter what happens, we can't be wrong if we stick to general predictions, and avoid specifics.
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    Yes Jerry, Julius Caesar, the Dictator before the first emperor, changed the essential relationship between the Senate to himself and the subsequent emperors. Witness the completely servile nature of the Republican congressmen today, despite Trump's trashing of them. Not all of them went along with repealing Obamacare, but Trump seemed determined (by his actions vs. his words) that this process not succeed.

    Pence is figured by many, and me, to be an even larger problem than Trump, because of the fact that he knows how to co-operate with a legislature from decades of experience, albeit that the state of Indiana seemed happy to be rid of him. And he seems to be down with playing a theocrat.
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    The above link discusses more evidence of the aligned interests of Trump's deep Deep State with the more superficial Deep State of the Clintons and Obama. It's all about shepherding the various flocks of various human sheep to achieve the desired geopolitical outcome.

    It's sadly hilarious to see that various Trumpista sheepdogs are out there trying to convince the Trumpista Brown Shirts that Trump is not indeed doing exactly what he is doing. Rather, according to them, he is doing all such as a masterful ploy against the Russians (fake evidence that Trump is not in a wet bed with them, as are the Clintons).
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    The following excerpted CNN article focuses on, and links to a long and detailed WaPo article on Trump's incredible blind spot with Russia.

    For some strange reason, neither the CNN piece or the Wapo piece mention treason, but are careful to frame Trump's behavior as "personal insecurity", that no doubt comports with his larger doofus, drama queen acting image. It has been well reported elsewhere about Trump's massive financial relationships with Russian and related dark money, via Deutsch Bank, Cypriot banks, and Trump branded real global estate money laundering. And in such as Politico's piece, discussed before on this thread, about Trump's 1980's trip to the USSR assisted by the KGB's tourist agency. And that it was even Putin's Communist KGB job to recruit American businessmen at the same time. It has also been separately reported, and discussed on this thread, that it was in this time frame that Trump became infused with the notion of becoming President, despite the more common claim that it was Obama's televised joke about Trump, in Trump's face, that inspired him with the typological jackass persona of Samson.

    As such, does making too much of Trump (kompromat) treason cut too much into the possible future legend of Trump as a type of Samson? As opposed to a type of Beast, employed by Satan?

    I was thinking about commenting on the WaPo piece first linked below, but it is simply too much. No wonder that Trump is ratcheting up pressure on the FBI, even ragging on them at the FBI academy today. The Beast, and/or Samson, will not go down without a fight. Or he will become Dictator ... per his trumpeted predilections.

    The Washington Post published a breathtaking piece this week detailing the depth and breadth of President Donald Trump's blind spot on Russia. The story is, in a word, terrifying.

    Trump, as revealed in scrupulous detail in the article, simply does not believe the unanimous conclusion of the US intelligence community: That Russia purposely sought to interfere in the 2016 election to help his candidacy and hurt the bid of Hillary Clinton.

    Trump's refusal to acknowledge that fact is, according to sources in the Post story, entirely attributable to the fact that he believes doing so would somehow invalidate or weaken his victory and his presidency.

    This paragraph -- up high in the Post story -- is a stunner:

    "The result is without obvious parallel in US history, a situation in which the personal insecurities of the president -- and his refusal to accept what even many in his administration regard as objective reality -- have impaired the government's response to a national security threat. The repercussions radiate across the government."

    Stop. Go back. Read that paragraph again. What it says is this: Trump's insecurity about the nature of his victory (and who should get the credit for it) has made it impossible for the broader government and foreign policy apparatus to properly address the threat posed by Russia. ...


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