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    A rose, or Rome, by any other name ....

    If you notice, I purposefully did not capitalize 'mason' as you did. You have already admitted that your Jesus was running an exclusivist mystery cult, so WTF is the difference? Oh, I forgot, his disciples were uneducated fishermen, and the 153 otherwise Pythagorean fishies in the net was just coincidence.

    But to you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings; and you shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall.

    If he meant the Sanhedrin then why did he call a Greek woman a Greek pig? A woman that wanted admission to his inner circle?

    As you can see by the above, I was discussing the narrative Jesus, no matter what his actual nature, fact or fiction.

    Yes, Christianity was the latest of religious mergers and acquisitions, modeled upon the equally fake Serapis merger of the Greek and Egyptian. While its purpose was to create a new syncretic universalism, (the meaning of 'catholic), it soon became just a larger form of uber-tribalism. And, even worse, it purposefully retained new, revised 'rabbinic' Judaism as its evil theological foil, continuing the tribal narrative theme of Judah.

    I'm not even sure what this means. Abraham and his Egyptian friends represented the age of Aries, and the sacrifice of the Lambs, Jesus and Julius, marked the end of that and the age of the fishies, the king of fishies then being the dolphin, whom dumb ass god did not know was an air breathing cetacean.

    Perhaps you are unaware that the Catholic Church is strongly hinting that the savior will be an alien, whom I have termed Space Jesus.

    Michael is also probably not aware that the funeral ceremony of John Paul II closely mimicked the funeral ceremony described for Julius Caesar. Of the latter, the central feature of which was the wax figurine of Julius 'uniquely' splayed upon the otherwise traditional Roman tropaeum, normally used for displaying a deceased Roman noble's military breastplate. Near the end of the ceremony, Pope Marc Antony pulled back the robe from the wax figurine's abdomen, revealing the wound(s) in his side, and the Jews in attendance wailed the loudest. Julius, of course, was their (second) messiah (after Persian emperor Cyrus). And on that third day, Julius ascended to Heaven (as did George Washington as well).

    You gnow what happens when you faithfully assume things don't you?

    Isn't it ironic (or sardonic?) that an agnostic like me believes in the Futurist (as definitively proven by 9/23/20170) reality of your shitty Bible, and you shit on your shitty Bible. If you are going to shit on your Bible, I can't use it for my toilet paper. Ha, it's all on the Internetz anyways.

    Speak to the mirror my friend.

    You need to distinguish rhetoric from reality. The Roman Jesus won the day, for his elite Judeo-Roman creators, as evidenced by 2,000 years of globalizing [sic] history. If Jerry and I are dyslexic, then you are myopic ... and blind.

    The subtext of the OT and the NT is globalist, and this has been the agenda of the Roman Church, and its Christian and Judaic Zionist minions ever since. When you read your nice Nicene Bible from now on, take off your blinders and Rome colored glasses.

    And so do you count yourself as worthy to be in Jesus' inner circle? Of course, all you really 'have to do' is accept it all on faith, and thus you are wasting all your time trying to justify it to evil morons like us, and in reality demonstrating that you have no faith. Faith means you don't have to justify nonsense.

    Right, no ethnic basis, just be gullible enough to buy nonsense (including your 10% tithe), else exercise your Big It granted evil Free Will and faithless Mind and be dumped in the Bottomless Pit for Eternity.

    I'd rather be in the Bottomless Pit eternally that with the fucking morons that want to stand around in a metaphorical circle jerk singing brown-nosing hymns to Big It 24/7/365.25.
    It sounds like Big It has some psychological issues to deal with. If I don't need my asshole licked, why does he?
  2. Ai ai ai...

    Your colleague Russell brought up the age of Aries. not I. I was expecting the Aquarian Messiah who syncretizes all Messianic traditions and punishes "dividers" such as Orthodox Jews or Bible Christians. And yes I have read "Exo-Vaticana" and other such materials, I don't see how this negates the Maitreya or some similar figure from syncretizing aliens in with the rest. Gotta get the UFO cultists in board the ecumenical cattle-car too. (But the narrative seems more about equating angels with aliens, so that bad angels can be passed off as nice aliens). We can agree that there is always a different tribulation/immanent eschaton/savior promulgated by the Controllers at every phase of their plan (although I contend the real one may have occured in A.D. 70). Whether or not we are entering the final phase depends on whether there is a nugget of truth to futurism.

    And I thought he called her a dog--but only as a test of faith. When she showed the humility and trust of one, he granted her request.

    And there is globalism and Globalism (Satan is not known for his originality, rather for being a petty God wanna-be, Vanilla Ice not Dr. Dre). The Bible is "globalist" in that man was created as a representative for/representation of God, commanded to fill the earth and subdue it; so that wherever a man is, it is as if God were standing there in.physical form, because he is doing what God would do--take care of creation. Adam failed and was diminished and left at the mercy and antagonism of creation, so a Messianic "second Adam" arose to correct it. It is NOT "Globalist" in the sense of, well, Globalism: technocrats and oligarchs forbidding ethnic/cultural/religious/gender distinction in the name of unity, keeping everyone stupid, sick, and poor until they can be depopulated and the elite ascend to virtual godhood and live in splendid isolation--all a funhouse mirror mockery of the kingdom of God, carried out by "the prince/god of this world".

    As for the old trope of "kiss God's ass or burn in hell", the immortality of the soul is Platonic philosophy, not Biblical theology. A soul (nephesh) is something that can be drowned in a flood, according to Genesis. Hence the focus on bodily resurrection and the instruction to "seek after immortality and eternal life, whereunto you are called". That means you ain't there yet. "Hell fire" represents a second death following a resurrection, not eternal torment. The Romans in their Catholic iteration DID make that one up.

    And God does not need your worship, any more than prime rib needs your taste buds or Kate Upton's hooters need your erection or a sunset needs your eyes. If you would rather eat cat food or look at Danny Devito's dugs or stare at an oily puddle, you are the one missing out/punishing yourself. "God" by definition is the pinnacle of everything beautiful, good and enjoyable; worship is just appreciation and enjoyment of it, and gratitude for same. Idolatry is placing superlative value on a comparatively lesser good.
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    I am well aware of that.
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    Everything that you stated after Ai ai ai ... is just spin, apologizing for your non-existent Big It, who after his Preterist Apocalypse seems to have accomplished nothing of note for almost 2,000 years hence. This is why Donald Trump should fire him, scripted Beast that he is.
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    I'm confused. I thought you said you were expecting the "World King" of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. As a scion of David, this person would presumably pass Joe Atwill's DNA test as a member of the Jewish tribe, assuming that such a test could really be concocted. And, I was saying that such a person would be a throwback towards the age of Aries (that is, the time of Abraham) and not a step forward into the Age of Aquarius.

    The reason I ask, is that traditionalist Catholics (and I almost include Joe in this category, except for his re-interpretation of the New Testament narrative) see the Jews as the primary and fundamental driver of the much-feared New World Order. The mention of the 'Protocols' seems to fit right within that paradigm, which of course dates back to the Catholic meme that the Jews killed Jesus.

    That's confusing too. In what sense would Vespasian and Titus represent a "real" second coming of Jesus? What would make some later second coming more "fake" by comparison?

    When you think of these "Controllers" that you mention, do you mean the same as the "Principalities and Powers" referenced in Ephesians 6, and in the title of Tim & Joe's podcast? Are they "flesh and blood", or are they supernatural devils?

    One more puzzle. Why are you here, casting your pearls before the unbelievers, when you could be spending your time worshiping the almighty? Are you building up some sort of treasure in heaven just by being here? Are you hoping that you can show us the error of our ways?

    Or if you're curious about what we're doing, then why is it important for you to insult us as part of the process?
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    Same question to you, here, Richard. What is the benefit to insulting our guests here? Even though, as it happens, he insulted us first. This has been going on for weeks now. Name-calling only seems to encourage him.

    If we are talking about Biblical Jesus here, isn't Michael correct that Jesus called the woman a "dog" (Mark 7:26-28)? Although elsewhere, Jesus did caution against giving what is holy to the dogs, or casting one's pearls before swine; which seems to be conflating dogs with pigs, and probably referring to non-Jews.

    Both these passages might be surviving quotes from the "historical Jesus" who was a Jewish zealot, as opposed to the fictional Roman collaborator.
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    I'm still confused. What would a throwback to the "age of Aries" consist of? That he likes to sacrifice sheep and blow the shofar? That he rides around in a time machine?

    Who did kill him, at least in the narrative? Somebody had to kill him, or else we wouldn't have that stupid fish religion.

    In Ephesians 6, before the evil Principalities and Powers, Paul tells us:

    5Servants, be obedient to them that are your masters according to the flesh, with fear and trembling, in singleness of your heart, as unto Christ; 6Not with eyeservice, as menpleasers; but as the servants of Christ, doing the will of God from the heart; 7With good will doing service, as to the Lord, and not to men: 8Knowing that whatsoever good thing any man doeth, the same shall he receive of the Lord, whether he be bond or free.

    So, obviously we can easily differentiate between good slave masters and the evil principalities and powers. Or, .... maybe this is just another way of providing misdirection to the literal and/or figurative mind slaves?

    Ah yes, dog, not pig. But I'm not sure this is the right story in any case. I'm thinking of a story about a Greek woman wanting admission into the boy's club, not trying to save her possessed daughter.

    Yes, Mikey likes it. I will consider repenting.
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    Could also involve roasted pizza, I suppose.
  9. Richard Stanley

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    Mutton pizza? Yuck!!!
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    Does this mean that the angel/aliens will have wings?

    In any case, the various Vatican spoxi seem to be indicating that the new religious scam/paradigm will be built atop the prior two scams, just like the Christian scam was layered atop the Judaic scam.

    I think the new savior may be a female, and very very sexy, like the Virgin (aka Isis). Of course, most of the Christian community will go along, except for some holdout zealots who will get the traditional zealot fate, getting sent to their non-existent Heaven/Hell (same difference).

    Are you trying to deceive yourself, me,or both of us?

    Ah, the Vicars of Yah. Well, at least this puts the lie to the claim that Big It created Man because he/she/it was lonely. He gave us a job to do, as if we were German Shepherds. That job, to (g)lobalize, and not (G)lobalize. Silly Christian.

    Was Adam's failure that he was duped by Eve, who was duped by Mr. Snakey? Why didn't Big It create schmarter Vicars? I say, fire that Big It.

    And I've got some swampland in Florida to sell you.

    Christian theology is Platonic, sorry. That you have been granted some verses that you can selectively cherry pick to is to your and, unfortunately our, disservice. I asked you before, I think twice, to point us to where your Nicene (Roman assembled) Bible bypassed the hands of Rome.

    Sounds pretty swampy again. What is the verse?

    I have speculated elsewhere that Christianity seems to be a perverse restatement of Buddhism's reincarnation, where the latter's goal is to seek perfection and reunitement with the Creative Entity. Whether true or not, it at least provides the incentive to all to behave their best during one or many lifetimes.

    Yes, that guy who murdered poor Onan because he din't like the marriage contract that he likely wanted no part of. And that guy that didn't kill Lot for offering up his daughters to the Sodomites to protect the defenseless winged angels, who could otherwise have flown away except that their wings must have been in the repair shop that weekend.

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