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Racism, Cultural Degradation, and Misplaced Paranoia

With the Democratic and Republican primary contests all but settled, any day now we expect some sort of dramatic and Hillarious farce-off between Trump and the Evita du jour. As entertaining as this might be, we’d much prefer a sincere campaign dialogue. But really, isn’t this the way it has always been, in American national politics? This year’s […]

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Black Collared Magic

I came across a curious and anonymous, unabashedly Catholic diatribe, The Union Jack (1970), which proclaims to its purportedly broader ecumenical Christian audience that the British-Israel movement is the primary, if not sole, cause of the modern world’s major problems.  British-Israel, now almost forgotten, was the interesting conceit that the British Commonwealth, the Americans, and most of the rest of Europe comprise the […]

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Meta-historical Manifesto

The hierarchical concentration of wealth and power has been a persistent and fundamental aspect of human social organization. During ancient and medieval times, the powers and privileges of royalty were seen as being ordained by the god(s) du jour, and acclaimed enthusiastically by nearly everyone except a few malcontents. The arts, education, literacy and intellectual […]

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